Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bottom Problems

We have had a lot of diarrhoea here today - well, Greeves has - the rest of us have been okay! I thought he was dead mid morning as he didn't raise his head or even twitch when I lifted his head. Luckily, it was a false alarm but I really wasn't very hopeful we would get through another day. We have been on hourly sips which has been hard work but this evening the diarrhoea has stopped and he has miraculously gained 100g! He is nibbling blades of grass and standing up at the moment which is a great relief. Lina has been so good. I go over to Greeves in the field and she comes and joins me. Then I have to hold his head and hold the bottle in his mouth while I squirt it down his throat. She sniffs him and hums, sometimes, if I am sitting down to do it where he will not stand, she lies down beside us. When we have finished she has a neck rub and I try to get him to drink from her. It is all very amicable so tonight I asked Sam to come with me and have a go as I needed to pop out for an hour tomorrow. I told him to follow me up to the baby but wait behind until I had got him going on the bottle. He did this and then I said, "Come on over then Sam." At that point all hell broke loose! I couldn't believe it! Lina started to spit at him, shriek - he wasn't even near Greeves! Only me for bottle feeding then!!

Barnaby Rudge and Velocette had been trying to play with Greeves but they have given up at the moment - I think they find him rather boring!

I had a cuddle with Bert after that and she is now at the ridiculously friendly stage - staring up into my eyes and wanting a kiss. She is even starting to get jealous when Little Star comes over to say hello, chasing her away - got to arrange her mating as a matter of urgency! We also had a good look at Sherbert's eye which we are very worried about. I think something must have gone in her eye and it is looking very cloudy. It doesn't seem to hurt her but I have flushed it with a great quantity of water in case there is anything still in there - hope she will be okay.

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  1. Lina obviously isn't going to trust anybody else with such an important task...keep up the good work Rosemary!