Saturday, 14 August 2010

A day out for some!

Rain - a lot of rain.  Lina took a great dislike to my coat so I had to take it off to feed which meant I got soaked.  Greeves has been much more livley today so I have also been chasing him with his bottle which, at least, has warmed me up a bit.  My new teats arrived in the post today - THANK YOU!  So, despite the rain, we are doing well - and, of course, the rain is making the grass grow at last.

I have been on my own today as Carl and Sam went to Ellingham show with Irene and Si from Ashdale Alpacas - I couldn't go because of Greeves.  They had a great time - well, Carl and Sam did, haven't spoke to Irene and Si yet!  Irene appears to have kept Carl under control - Si and Sam appear to have slipped off together to talk PS2 whatever that might be, something computer I think.  Irene got Carl sorted with his marketing, insisting he put all his leaflets out at once and not palm them one at a time as if they were under the counter magazines as he usually does!  Irene knitted under the gazebo like one demented and they succeeded in selling several knitting kits, gloves and hats.  Unfortunately, Carl cannot remember which gloves and hats he sold despite me giving each one it's own individual name - you would think he had never had the Dartle glove or the Trotwood scarf explained to him.  Just work out what is left he says - not so easy when all the knitwear is at Ashdale ready for the next outing!  Now the online shop is very out of date and there will be several emails tomorrow to Irene to try and work out what Carl sold.

Working with another breeder is great.  I am hoping to train Irene to thump Carl every now and again to keep him in line.


  1. Training alpacas to bottle feed is one husbands to understand the charms of knitted garments now that is another challenge should know better Rosemary!

    I wonder if you are able to share your teat supplier Rosemary, just in case of future need of followers?

  2. I'm still trying to train Si. You've already got to the advanced stage with Carl, we're still taking baby steps but I'll break him one day.

  3. Teats came from a friend - as soon as I have a supplier, which hopefully will be soon, I'll post it.