Monday, 2 August 2010


8.4kg! Little Greeves put on a whopping, for him, 700g since yesterday. He was much brighter today and the diarrhea has gone. Feeding is still a question of squirting but he does have the occasional suck and he is not fighting it. We sometimes start relatively normally but then he tends to lie down and I have to hold the bottle in his mouth but as that is the only way I can do it we have to be happy with that for now. It is also rather relentless but I have gone back to 2 hourly feeds.
What with feeding and the chickens it has been non-stop. The chickens have taken free ranging to extremes and keep escaping onto the road and sedately walking up towards the ridge, happily clucking and pecking. When I go out to get them they cluck along behind me back to the fields to the amusement of passing motorists. I'd just got them back and was warming Greeves bottle when the Neighbour came round to say a passing walker had thought they were his and come to alert him as they were out again. I think he quite enjoyed telling me as he has been waging a battle with motorists who keep telling him his sheep are out and they are not his! Sam spent the afternoon with his friends and came back insisting we get on with this hay making as hay is now £5 a bale. This has stirred Carl up into more weather watching and he is now fired up to cut tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

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  1. Greeves sounds so much like our little Gaussian, Geena's 2008 cria. I had to pretty much force feed him for the first 6 months of his life but it was worth it, in the depths of winter he finally decided he liked a nice warm bottle and started to come running for it!