Friday, 13 August 2010

It's raining!!

Well - it rained!  In fact it poured!  I tried to will the rain over Toad Hall way but it was having none of it.  We were all wuffled ready, bailer set, about to row up and the heavens opened!  Never mind, there is plenty in the barn already.

Greeves has actually been running away from me today which makes feeding even harder but it is much better to see him acting like a normal cria.  Dobby, the wether, keeps peering over at him from second field - he's not quite sure what to make of him - one moment he is blue, with his coat on, the next moment he is white, coat off!
After rain stopped play with the hay, Sam and I popped down to check on Mum in her chapel.
You can see the rain glistening, malevolently, on the drive.  On the way back up Sam photographed Dad's grave with it's amazing onions (the wreath I put on his grave contained an onion as he was a great gardener and very good at growing onions - it took root!).
Sorry there has not been much on alpaca news but the rain (which we have been wanting for ages, but not today) has stopped most things happening.  Carl has also been trying to rest his arm which is still hurting a bit.  When Mum moved she gave us a TENS machine she had and Carl has discovered it.  I don't know if it is doing him any good but he finds it hysterical because it makes his arm leap about and he has taken to sticking the pads on different parts of his body as an experiment.  I am going to study the instruction book tonight because I am sure you are not supposed to do that!

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  1. The Tens machines do work Rosemary.
    I've used one on my neck for four years,
    But, don't, have it to high. When l used mine first, l had it to high, and lost the feeling in my left arm, only for a few minutes, but worrying when it happens. I now use the magnetic extention, like a pencil, attached to the tens, and find it much better.
    But stick with it. ;)