Saturday, 21 August 2010

Marmite - Love it or hate it?

Greeves was still looking very sorry this morning but I did get his bottle down him.  Carl and I then left Sam to look after things while we made a trip to Mole Valley.  I couldn't find the product that was recommended and the only thing I could find was Lamb Kick Start so I bought some of that and we rushed home to see if that would help.  It comes in a little pump action bottle so was very easy to administer - and it smells of marmite, looks like Marmite and tastes of Marmite.  The taste thing was accidental!  It says to twist the top shut after use to save evaporation but I succeeded in squirting it all over me and then ended up eating it as I was trying to push rain soaked hair out of my eyes.  Not a bad taste but it didn't cause me to leap around he field with boundless energy.  It seems to have had some effect on Greeves who has been standing up and grazing more.  The weather has been horrible though, very misty again, and Greeves does prefer the field shelter when it is damp.  He sits right under the hayrack and so is covered in hay.  He has had his coat on all day, despite Velocette trying to pull it off him.

With the weather as it is a photo proved problematic - everyone has been rolling in mud and the visibility is poor.  So this is Lily before she was sheared when the weather was lovely!  She is soon going to be mated - more on that another time.  Her fleece is beginning to get that lovely drape and swing back - I love it when the suri' s run.

And the other wonderful thing today was that Islay spat beautifully at Dude - she did not want him near her so I am really hopeful she is pregnant.  If she can hold on to the pregnancy this time that will be very exciting.  I expect Carl to be in the barn with her constantly from a month or so before she is due - Islay is his favourite alpaca (closely followed by Bert of course).  And another thing - that white cream I am using on Bert seems fairly miraculous.  We have had virtually constant rain or drizzle here but it does not wash off, drip or crack.  I'll say no more yet but it may be working.


  1. Ours seem to like the marmite taste...Jump-Start or Kick-Start we use both depending on supplies.

  2. Glad to hear the kick start seems to have helped, fingers crossed. I have to say I hate the marmite taste!!!