Monday, 16 August 2010

Bert's Ears

No blog last night as we were carting bales until late with a quick trip to church in the middle of it for me!  Carl was playing around with the twister thing on the baler again so these bales turned into bigger ones - not my favourites as they are heavy.
Now an amazing thing is happening to Bert's ears!  Bert, my favourite alpaca, had a mite problem before we had her and came to us with thick leathery skin on her tummy, ears and the tops of her legs.  We have spent ages rubbing various concoctions into her and some hair has grown back but she still has bald bits and crusty places.  We were recommended another cream to try and I found a big tub of it on the internet.  I won't tell you yet what it is called as it is early days but it does seem to be working.  The great thing is it doesn't run, rub off or crack.  I tried to get a shot of Bert's bald, crusty bits as a before photo but she wouldn't stand still and this is the best I could do.

The Gamekeeper called round this evening with a list of shoot dates - feels like Autumn is upon us already - and we had a mutual moan about a petty tyrant and his dog.  No blackberries in the field yet, despite there being lots at Mum's old house but I did find a bag from last year in the freezer and, as some of the apples were ready, I made some crumbles for the freezer.  Last year all the apples disappeared.  One day they were there and the next , all vanished - no sign on the ground, nothing, so I am getting in quick!

Sam spent the day at Milborne Port where he had a good time despite the chip shop being closed.  He gets embarrassed when I go to pick him up and rushes to the car before I have a chance to get out.  One day I will surprise him and get there early all dressed up to the nines (no hope of that really what with feeding and clearing poo!).

More baling tonight but now we are finished.  It has been quite a struggle this year and I am not sorry we are finished.  We also managed to get the sheep moved - they were getting desperate for fresh grass.  They are very difficult to photograph as they just wanted to be tickled and they get too close.

Greeves is doing fairly well but the weight is still slow to go on.  I will try for a picture of him tomorrow.

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  1. I bet you are've finished haymaking !! I am yet to start ! at this rate Im thinking....I won't all !! Its next week as of now !.....where is the dry weather gone !......nice photos !!......Jayne