Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling . .

It seems song titles are in as blog titles at the moment.  I'm just trying to keep up with trends here!

Down to Woodrow this morning to stock up on feed and on the way in to Hazelbury Bryan I saw something that really made my blood boil!  Good job I had a really jolly time in Woodrow.  My request for long thin teats caused great merriment - not only there but across Dorset as a phone search ensued.  This was followed by a lot of internet research which led to some very dubious sights - but, we do now have  a lead so some may be forthcoming.  Ordinary teats are no good for Greeves as I need something I can get right into the back of his mouth or I cannot get the milk down him.  I think he prefers his Mum's milk but she just does not have enough.  Greeves is doing fairly well but his eyes are a little bald.  He has had a bit of discharge and the flies have really been attacking him.  The fly repellent isn't much good and I don't like to put too much on - it's why he has a dirty spot on the top of his head.
 Barnaby Rudge spent so much time running around today and trying to get Greeves to play with him, he was flat out this evening.

Granny's move day today and that went well.  Her house is a converted Wesleyan chapel which has retained lots of character.  Carl came down this evening.  He was supposed to be sorting out the heating controls but spent most of his time checking out the shed and nearly giving the Gentleman Farmer a heart attack by bobbing up and staring at him through the shed window!  Mum was quite tearful when the neighbour's children brought round a card and a pot of jam and The Fairy delivered a cake.  I think she is quite excited now to be living back in the village she was born in.  I can see her wandering round with her trug, the cow bell and a glass of wine blasting out a few hymns (she seems inordinately attached to her cow bell!).


  1. I put a small spot of Crovect on Mimimus's head when his eyes were being got by the flies and that worked well.

  2. I've said this before, what a lovely Blog this is to wake up to......!
    So human and sincere, a joy to read, and the photos are wonderful.....Well done, once again Rosemary, well done you.....;)

  3. I will try the crovect, Debbie - I am so wary because I once got some in Bert's eye and it went very funny for ages - I felt very guilty!