Saturday, 7 August 2010

Not an alpaca blog tonight

It has been a bit of a day today - and not much of an alpaca day! Sam shot off this morning to help The Shepherd get some lambs ready for market while Carl tottered about fixing the hole on the roof. I fed the baby and then rushed back to Mum's to help with some packing ready for her move next week while Carl was in charge of fending off Lina to get some milk in the baby.

Trying to get Mum to throw some of Dad's things away was tricky. My sister in law had the best idea and disappeared upstairs with several boxes, tape and a pair of scissors. She had cleared two bedrooms whilst Mum and I were arguing over the need to keep a set of old Bonham sale catalogues and a whole pile of books on Picasso. My brother disappeared to research the value of Dad's collection of old cigarette cards and then had to burrow deep in the skip to find the cat basket he had accidentally thrown away yesterday. Packing is not finished but in the end we started to get somewhere after my other brother located a role of bubble wrap to pack Mum's mother's tea set. Few disasters so far, apart from one brother putting Mum's Muddy Fox Mountain bike in the skip, along with the cat basket (I can't really see her charging round Ibberton on a mountain bike anyway), my brother almost going head long down the stairs after this photo.

It is all beginning to look a bit empty - we moved there 40 years ago so it has been a long time in the family. This was my bedroom. It took me a long time to move out, as I kept going back, but when I finally did leave them in peace Dad used it as his studio - he was a very messy painter!!
I missed the village fete with all the moving and Carl and Sam have shot back over this evening to collect a few bits - normality and alpaca updates tomorrow, possibly!

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  1. What a beautiful house !!...hopefully happy times, in the new place !! Just need to fit all that stuff in !!........Jayne