Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Rain - all day - various degrees of rain, but rain!  Now, however, it has stopped!

Greeves has taken up residence in the field shelter.  I put his coat on last night as he was a bit shivery, he also has a touch of diarrohea again but, despite that, he has gained weight and is now 8.6kg - not much I know but an improvement.  Also, last night, he had a little pronk which was lovely to see.

Bert, I am pleased to report, is not as cuddly today.  She stood a neck tickle for a few minutes but then gave me a look and wandered off so it looks like all could be going well with her pregnancy.

There was no blog last night as I had to collct Mum's Mum's best tea set, the tantalus, the cow bell and the best china - that could not be trusted to the removal men.  Personally, I think it would have been safer with the removal men than in the Jalopy but there!

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