Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Greeves puts on (a little) weight

A dry start to the day and then, later on, we had quite a downpour.  Sam was at home which meant I could get Granny into Sturminster for some shopping.  We did a few spit offs this afternoon with the girls and, I'm pleased to say, everyone was totally uninterested in Dude's advances - even Islay!  Islay is far too much of a lady to spit but she backed away into a corner and steadily munched her way through a bale of hay whilst glaring at Dude.  I am really hoping she can hold this pregnancy.

Little Greeves was much better on his bottle today and put on 300g which is much better than usual. Sam did manage a photo of him but he is rather wet and bedraggled.  It was quite a job though as Velocette will insist on popping up in front of the camera.

Finally, this is Greeves - still looking very much a baby!

Tomorrow, Sam is going to Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show with his friend - I am rather jealous of that but we can't all be away at the same time.  If there are any alpacas there I am sure he'll hunt them down and pester the owners!


  1. Ah...bless Greeves..he looks a little treasure !!..glad to hear he is gaining weight..we have had lots of rain today...nothing like August..more like Nov !......Jayne

  2. Don't worry Ro mum is going to the show tomorrow i will get her to keep an eye out for him,