Friday, 20 August 2010

Greeves becomes more of a worry

The rain has barely stopped all day. Not always heavy but very misty up on the hill.  I went to do Greeves' early feed this morning and thought I'd lost him.  He was in the middle of the field all on his own, flat out and drenched.  I got that horrible sick feeling as I saw him and for no useful purpose I started to call him and run from the top of the field.  The rest of the girls and cria came charging up wondering what was going on but he didn't even twitch.  I sat down - still nothing and then as I picked his head up he opened one eye.  I got the bottle down him and got him up.  He walked down to the field shelter and lay down again so it has been a worrying day.  He's got his coat on now and looks okay lying in the shelter, kushed properly - and he has put on 300g but that may mean nothing as the scales are very dodgy.  Sometimes I think he is improving but he is not lively like other cria.  I never fuss him when I feed him - just get the bottle down him and move away but he never moves away from me, I just wish he would run off once or twice.  But  then again, that is a bit deceptive as he does run away from Carl and Sam.  Yesterday when I went over to feed at lunch time Lina was lying flat out on her side and he was lying next to her and neither of them moved a muscle when I sat down in between them to feed him - and there is nothing wrong with Lina, she still gives Carl the odd nip if he gets too close.  We'll see how it goes tomorrow and have a word with the Shepherd if there is no improvement.

My old SORN  Honda which has been sitting in the car park for the past year waiting for Carl to do something with it has been getting a bit of attention lately.  I have had two gentlemen offering to take it away so far - one even offered money!  I think we'll have to do something about it or it could turn into a bit of a liability.

Sorry, no pictures today - the mist has not lifted long enough, despite being reasonable down in the village.


  1. Sorry to hear about Greeves Rosemary....It is a bit of a worry but at least he keeps on gaining weight which surely must be a good sign.

  2. I hope Greeves improves, at least he's still taking his bottle so fingers crossed. I'll drop you an email.

  3. What a worry Rosemary...I do hope Greeves is okay. Fingers crossed for you.