Friday, 6 August 2010

Bertie Blog!

I am not going to complain about the rain because we do need it - but! We do need to cut the rest of the hay! At the moment that is scheduled for the weekend - possibly!

I have been worried about Greeves as he was losing weight again but then this evening he suddenly put on 600g. Rob at Wellground, more on that in a second, suggested weighing every few days instead of daily and I expect he is right. Anyway, this evening he is looking okay although a touch of diarrhoea seems to have recurred but not bad like before. He much prefers nibbling on hay to the bottle and I tend to have to pull a long stalk from his mouth before we start the bottle.

This evening we had a trip out with Bert. Rather unexpected and an example of excellent customer service. Bert's baby died as you may remember and it was very sad - for Bert and us. It would have been sad anyway but this was a real little cracker. It is easy to say when they are dead but really and truly he had a stunning fleece and such a presence from the moment he was born. He was a Samson baby and had that wonderful Samson head to go with the impressive cria fleece.

Anyway, that was that and we had to get over it. I was speaking to Rob, getting advise for Greeves and he said, "Well, when do you want to bring her over for the remating?" I was shocked out of my little socks! I certainly wasn't expecting that as Matchless had survived for several days. We talked through biosecurity and the result was a remating for Bert this evening! I wish I had a picture to show you because she loved him, she was so happy, ears perked, little bow glinting (a red butterfly ear tag!). Excellent result! We felt a bit guilty as we kept them chatting about all things alpaca and they had had a very busy and productive day - just can't help it!!
Now Bert's back and happily ruling the field shelter with fresh hay - fingers crossed for her and her baby - it is going to be a long and anxious wait!

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