Wednesday, 18 August 2010


A peaceful, if wet, start to the day with a quick sprint to the library bus - made even quicker as the Gentleman Farmer gave me a lift down after he had released his new bullock onto the hill.

When Carl got home it all went wrong - and it's all my fault!  We had to move the mobile field shelter into the girls new paddock and this is accomplished using the forks on the tractor.  Unfortunately, the tracks are very slippy after rain, which is why they need strips of hardcore - for safety.  Carl succeeded in getting the shelter into the field and then slid down the hill and rammed the field shelter into the fence breaking part of the back, getting the tractor stuck, breaking the fence post.
 As Sam was not back from the show, I had to hitch up the Mule to drag him out and there was a lot of shouting!  What Carl seems unable to grasp is that I cannot hear what he is saying above the tractor and Mule noise so it was no good telling me to, "Hold it there!"  "Reverse SLOWLY!" or anything else.  He got me in such a muddle I confused the break and accelerator and there was nearly another Mule incident!  In the midst of all this, Flamenco escaped and went careering off down the track in search of fresh grass (Carl left the gate open) which was all my fault!  Finally, she remembered she had left Velocette behind and came trotting back.
 We got the tractor out in the end but it is a good job Carl has gone down to check on Granny's fridge which appears not to be working as I am not sure whether we are talking at the moment!

Lily has developed a strange hunched walk whenever anyone goes near her which indicates she most definitely is ready to be mated!
 And - Greeves, for the third day running has gained 300g!  Early days but maybe we have turned a corner.  Here he is with Barnaby Rudge and his mum Lina in between downpours.  The one who looks like she is levitating in the background is Crispie - she isn't really, it's just the hill rising up!


  1. Great news on the weight gain, well done you.

    As for the tractor incident, it sounds like our house, everything is always my fault even if I was nowhere in sight.

  2. Grey haired neighbour18 August 2010 at 23:30

    Oh, bad luck, Rosemary. Curious how it's always 'our' fault, isn't it?
    That second picture reminds me of the swan-stuffed-with-a-goose-stuffed-with-a-pheasant recipe from olde merry England.

  3. What rotten luck with the field shelter Rosemary!! Are you and Carl talking yet? Good news about Greeves though...