Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Greeves was actually pronking this evening!  The rain and wind gradually eased during the day and this evening it has been lovely.  I set off early this morning to drop Sam at Milborne Port only to find the road closed - even the one via Henstridge - so we had to give up on that in the end.  Mum  came up this afternoon to have a go at feeding Greeves as we need to have someone able to do it before the Great Western Region Fleece Show comes round.  I am just hoping he is a bit keener on his bottle by then!

I sent Carl and Sam out on an egg hunt this evening as I cannot find where the hens are laying.  I think they still are as they keep making that triumphant 'I've laid an egg' noise but where they are doing it is beyond me.
Looking for eggs seemed to involve a lot of leaning on sticks!  I crept up on them in the Mule and they were not doing much hunting!  Mind you my creeping up was pretty fast as the Mule seemed to be going everywhere at the rate of knots today - I realised just now that Sam had put it in 'high' which makes it go much faster.
Now I have a serious appointment with my socks.  When I returned from the Fleece Show meeting on Sunday Carl kindly pointed out that I had odd socks on, and I had taken my shoes off, so I am going to pair up any socks I can find.  I thought they were looking at Billie-Jean (the boxer) lying next to me but it could have been my socks!


  1. Greeves is looking great with that lovely straight back and ears perked...and pronking as well!

  2. So pleased to hear of Greeves's progress Rosemary.