Monday, 30 August 2010

Matings and Visitors

I don't know where the time goes - we have achieved a lot today but there is still a long list of tasks to accomplish!  I can remember when I had time for a long soak in the bath almost every night - those days are long gone!  The Chippendales came to visit and were impressed with Mum's new house; I think they also enjoyed their trip in the Mule.
Sam did a bit of strimming in the village and was most impressed with a flame throwing weed killer - I have told him he cannot have one or the alpacas will all end up with singed topknots!  His plan is coming on well.  If you haven't guessed. it is sheep!  He really wanted to breed black alpacas but has finally realised that he will need money before he can commence his own herd.  Sheep are his way forward.  He has done a deal with the Shepherd and has agreed the purchase of 5 (or 6 depending how his money goes) Welsh Mountain sheep (which are black).  He went down to investigate them carrying a wallet full of all his savings supplemented by a Roses tin full of pennies.  He picks out the ones he wants in a week or so and is busy now checking fences and making feeders.
Carl and I have been body scoring, trimming nails and checking everyone over.  Dude had a few spit offs to do - Carolyn raced around and almost jumped the fence to get away from him, very conclusive, Islay spat like crazy, excellent!  Lina, however, sat!  We had mated her and she was very happy but suddenly got up as if to say, "Okay, I've had enough now, go away!"  She has remained very friendly though and I thought she wasn't pregnant.  When we put her in this morning I thought she wasn't interested and then she sat when he started his orgling - she sat there very happily - - -
(a little mating shot for Alf of Lina and Dude!)
But then, like last time, she suddenly got up and wanted no more to do with him - they'd been happily snuggling up for 15 minutes or so before that so I really don't know!

We nearly had a falling out over moving the field shelter as I got it stuck in the gate.  It was not my fault, I couldn't interpret Carl's hand signals and I couldn't heat him shouting STOP - I have told him before that I cannot hear over the noise of the Mule but he forgets.

Now I am going to try and get that bath tonight!!


  1. I have had my 'flicky flicky..thing out today !! the sun has been shining !!....the black sheep sound a great idea ....look forward to some photos.....Jayne

  2. Lovely Rosemary....Though l don't think l
    could take photos of the Alpaca's mating,
    without a tripod, my hands would be shaking
    to much, especially in the middle of a field.