Sunday, 29 August 2010

Getting Windy

Down to Woolland Church this morning where it was almost standing room only and they ran out of hymn books!  The vicar did the service to the letter so it was quite a rush to get back for Greeves bottle and it ended up a little late.  He has spent a lot of time today staring at the chickens - just a shame he doesn't run around a bit more.  His eyes are also very weepy so I am bathing them to keep the flies away.

It has been terrifically windy with odd showers - wind is very difficult to catch on the camera but they sky has been looking very stormy.
. . . but I didn't really manage to catch that, in fact it all looks very pleasant in the photo!  A bit of mating for Dude tomorrow as he has a rendezvous with Emily.  It may not come to much as so far she has shown little interest but we will see what happens.  She was heading in a determined way towards the rolling pit this evening so no doubt she will be filthy!
Sam went to the village after lunch to attempt a little strimming but the weather was too wet so he will try again in the morning.  When he finally arrived back, after eating all Granny's biscuits, he set about furthering his money making scheme which involved a lot of drilling, sawing and moving gates on his quad.

Finally, a picture for Alf - a sheep, not ours, The Shepherd's sheep enjoying some fresh grass on the hill.


  1. Your weather looks better than mine...send that umbrella.....soon !! I haven't quite got that ark built...just yet !..:-0)....Jayne

  2. That southern 'bad weather' looks pretty good to us northerners!!

    Lucie had weepy eyes (didn't look red) and I bathed them with sterile water for the end I resorted to Orbenin ointment and they have cleared up virtually straight away.