Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ashton Lane and Reddingvale - all in one day!

I spent most of the morning running round with hurdles.  Last night we got all prepared for a visit from Ashton Lane Alpacas with their suri stud, Legacy.  We had set up a nice secure mating pen by the field gate which looked perfect in the torrential rain and gloom last night but when I checked it out this morning it just looked too small so Sam and I set about making another one and found it difficult to agree where to put it.  Sam did a lot of bossing me about and I did a lot of getting cross with him but we got there in the end!

Peter and Carol arrived with a very ready Legacy, he was practically leaping out of the trailer.  Lily took very little encouragement and a very satisfactory mating took place.
Luckily the mating was completed before the rain started again and the mist began to engulf everything.  Legacy was quite keen to repeat his performance with Lily's mum, Sherbert, but that will have to wait for a while!
Quick bit of tea and then another visitor.  Andy from Reddingvale Alpacas came along to collect the show schedules for the Great Western Region Fleece Show which Carol from Ashton Lane had produced.  They look very good and will soon be winging their way to all the entrants - once Viv has put them all in envelopes!  We gave Andy a quick look at the alpacas but as the mist had really descended by then he couldn't really see much except the brake lights of the tractor!  Somehow Carl managed to entice him into his shed, despite the poor man being desperate to get back to cook tea, but I managed to rescue him before Carl dragged him to his greenhouse to show off his tomatoes which is his usual next step with visitors!

Greeves is doing well today and has put on some weight and is moving around quite a lot!

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  1. Sounds like a busy day..with..dates...fleece and veg inspection....!!....Glad to hear that Greeves is thriving....Jayne