Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Knitting Graveyard

Sam was late to bed last night as he went to Gillingham and Shaftesbury show so I didn't really expect much assistance this morning but he surprised me.  He was up before I was an even brought me a cup of tea in bed.  He then went to check on Granny's fridge.  Carl looked at it last night and there was nothing wrong with it - still fine this morning!  He then  walked to Okeford and back in search of a new second hand phone, cleaned the stock trailer and dumped the muck in the back of the Mule!  He enjoyed the show and, as expected, sniffed out the two lots of alpacas there.

Irene and Si from Ashdale Alpacas popped over in the afternoon and Irene took the contents of my knitting graveyard to "sort out" - one jacket with a perfect back but a front I was unable to invent a pattern with shaping that worked, one lopsided scarf, one lovely shrug which was sadly developing a triangular back and a strange item which no one could work out what it is yet!

Greeves lost weight dramatically today - everything he has put on in the last three days - but I am hoping it is the scales that are dodgy.  I shall try weighing him again in the morning.

Then a bit of a drama as Cruella got stuck up a tree.  I was alerted to it by Smudge standing on the car underneath and crying.


  1. I hope Cruella is safe and sound now...well done Smudge...bit of Skippy at Westhill too!

  2. Oh! Rosemary....Your Smudge is the spitt'in image of my George, who died a couple of years ago, and is on my Blog/Profile.....Lovely..! ;).