Friday, 27 August 2010

Sam's Idea

In fact a very nice day!
The flower lady gave me some tomatoes which were very welcome as, despite Carl showing everyone his tomato plants, we only have green ones!  I managed lots of waste and spent a lot of time watching Greeves who is becoming more lively each day.  I have just fed him and he was cuddled up next to Lina - neither of them moved an inch as I fed him!  I think they have all enjoyed the sunshine today.  Here is Sam with Lina and Greeves, Barnaby Rudge is lying down at the front of the picture with Velocette behind them.  I managed to work Sam's mobile phone to take them which was remarkable but the quality is not that good.
Sam has had an idea!  He now has a scheme which will make him money, as he has none.  He has spent most of the afternoon on the phone after having seen an advert in Blackmore Vale Magazine.  He made arrangements to go and see this source of  future wealth although I am not sure the lady he was speaking to realised his age as she asked him what vehicle he would be driving so she could look out for him.  He was tempted to say he'd be coming on the bus if his Dad wouldn't take him but considering the items he was negotiating for that might have seemed rather odd!  When Carl got home he got a bit of advice on the prospective purchase and they did seem rather over priced but another alternative popped a head over the hedge and we have just got back from a visit to do a deal.  There was a lot of grass chewing, leaning on sticks and head scratching but Sam is now the proud owner of . . .
Can't tell you what yet as two more weeks until he takes ownership and he has a lot to do in preparation.

I had better go and get on with my knitting now but first a picture specially for a friend who, I only heard this afternoon, has a nasty injured ankle and is a bit house bound at the moment - I thought I'd do a daily picture for him as he can't get out so here is the view across the Vale taken from the garden this afternoon. (Get better soon if you read this!!).


  1. So it's your turn now for secrets is it!!!

    Glad to hear Greeves is doing much better.

  2. Lovely Rosemary....I do love reading this Blog,
    it really cheers me up, especially this week.
    I've had two friends die, and two diagnosed terminal, within six months.....AND younger than me. But that's life, isn't it, or death...!
    Love the photo's love the write up...Thankyou.
    Accompanied with a lemon tea, what more could one want, at 6:30 in the morning. :)x

  3. Grey haired neighbour27 August 2010 at 23:32

    If Sam's secret equipment includes a strimmer, I'd be very keen to book him for a session in the garden here!

  4. Sam looks like he is checking out Lina's opinion of his new venture...lovely view, enough to cheer anyone up hopefully.