Thursday, 5 August 2010


Today we had visitors. Irene and Si from Ashdale alpacas came calling and we spent a long time having a good talk about future plans, looking at the alpacas and sharing news. Irene brought the most fantastic piece of knitting - she's on advanced knitting - and I showed her yet another glove - I'm on beginners knitting. I like knitting gloves, or at least I like knitting the first glove, when I come to the second glove I keep forgetting what the pattern was. Even if I write it down as I go along it never seems to make sense the second time round.

When we went over to see the alpacas I asked Sam to take a photo which I assumed he had done. I have just downloaded them and we had a choice between Irene's arm or Si's backside - lovely as they both are I couldn't really figure out how to make them relevant to my readers! No photo record of that visit then (mind you I think Si was wielding his camera so there might be one on their blog!) Irene was telling me what fantastic fleece both Exhibition and Delilah have, and with the genetics behind them I am not surprised, so I am hoping to get over there to see them sometime soon.

At the moment I am tied to Greeves who is doing terribly or brilliantly depending which way you look at it. His weight was down again today which is bad, but he is much more lively and actually sucking on the bottle more which is good. His running is a bit wobbly - rather like a new born but then he hasn't run much until this evening. He was trying to play just now and actually tried a little jump at the back of Velocette.
This evening Carl and Sam went down to the village to help put up the marquees for the fete on Saturday. Lots of people there and Amber, who accompanied them down there, growled at them all! Unsociable animal!


  1. Greeves is definitely looking perky. Hopefully the weight gain will show today...nice photo Sam with all the right bits in...or was it Carl!

  2. Keep up the good work !....and lets hope the weather..stays get the hay done !!...Jayne