Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A few dramas!

Bit of a drama on the hill late afternoon. As Carl and I went over to feed we noticed blue flashing lights at the top of the cut. It appears that one of The Gentleman Farmer's trees had fallen down in the howling wind that suddenly sprung up. P.C. Dave, or that's who it appeared to be, sprang into action to prevent any accidents and landrovers appeared from the undergrowth - within minutes the road was clear and all was back to normal. There had been two other dramas and a very pleasant visitation before that however!

Firstly, the Cup Cake Fairy fluttered by with a wonderful box of the most magnificent cup cakes with cherries on top. Carl sneaked one as soon as he got in and said they were the moistest cup cakes he had ever tasted (mine tend to be rather dry!). That was a lovely break as I had been attempting the VAT which insisted on being £10 out and breaking off to do Greeves just kept making it get worse and worse.

Then we had a mini drama. I went over to feed Greeves and as I was sitting in the field attempting to force milk into him the heavens opened. I rushed to get his coat on and suddenly heard voices. All the alpacas looked up and a troupe of walkers descended saying they thought it was the footpath! I almost asked them to use the foot bath but then thought it was too late anyway so just ushered them out keeping them on the track.

Then we had another drama when Our Real Neighbour noticed a tile missing on the roof. The wind had really gusted across earlier and it must have removed it. Carl climbed the ladder but it was just too dangerous and slippy to get right up so he has now gone to collect Sam and then he is going to try negotiating the gulley and doing something a bit Heath Robinson as a temporary measure. Spot the hole!

And finally a shot of some of the girls - you can always tell Lina as she cannot help posing for the camera. Greeves is lying down and Velocette is standing behind with Belinda by the fence looking the other way and Sherbert, Bert and Carolyn at the back. I did try to do what Debbie at Barnacre does and put labels on but it just ended up looking like a cobweb! I'll try again on less of a dramatic day. You can see how the rain we had is needed - the paddocks are getting bare!

Next bit of field waiting to be cut - mower at the ready!


  1. Thats fortunate just imagine if the ramblers had turned up a day earlier it wouldn't have been the paddocks that were bare!

  2. Ohh! I didn't even think of that! I fear the field may now have to be a place for best knickers!!

  3. Hey I was just thinking the same thing...thought the police might have been out looking for the flasher!