Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Naked Lady!

Well - not quite naked and probably no lady but . . .

Mum came over this morning to check a few things at her new house - she moves to the village next week. My brother brought her and managed to save one strawberry from the punnet he was eating to give to Bert who greatly appreciated it! I then had to rush off for yet another dentist appointment. I felt he had enough to put up with dealing with my teeth without the sight of my legs in shorts and so I put on a long skirt. By the time I got back I had to rush with the bottle for Greeves and there was no time to change the skirt. Lina did not like the look of me! She didn't spit but just kept prancing away when I got near and taking her baby with her. There was nothing else for it but to remove my skirt and Lina was quite happy for me to then feed Greeves in my second best knickers! Thank goodness no one can see from the road or the footpath!

Frantic getting in of bales this evening, not ours, as rain is forecast so Sam and Carl have gone off to help.


  1. I did something very similar once, I'd just come back from a party and needed to feed someone (can't remember who now) but I tuced my dress into my knickers because they didn't like me in a dress. They are more used to be at 5am in my pj's!!

  2. Unusual for me, l know....but l'm lost for words.
    BUT....What are 'Second Best Knickers'?
    My Mum, always told me to put on a clean pair of underpants every day.....Trouble is come Friday..
    l've a job to get my trousers on...!
    Lovely....Always see the funny side.
    Shame...No Photos.....! ;)

  3. Second best knickers are not best ones, which are lacy and uncomfortable and only suitable for going out. Nor are they every day knickers which are substantial - capable of coping with barbed wire fences. Second best ones are suitable for dentists, shopping and visiting aunts - a cross between the two!!
    Pictures tonight!! (Not of the knickers I hasten to add!!!)