Saturday, 28 August 2010

Boys at large in the Forest

Sunny again!  I have been home alone again as Carl and Sam went back to Mum's to collect a few garden bits for her (also her old dishwasher which she has given me - clean cups from now on!).  I sent Sam with the camera to get a few scenic shots of the forest to cheer up Alf but he came back with a very sorry crop - a wall, the back of a camper van and some strange man in shorts - the best of the worst are featured above!
Somehow, they also managed to return with a trailer and the truck full of other stuff including a ride on mower (we searched for ages for one and now they are popping up everywhere!), an automatic water feeder which is actually for a dog but Carl is adapting it for alpacas, an awful lot of top strand wire for fences and various implements.
 I spent the day cleaning fields and chickens while keeping an eye on Greeves and feeding him.  Weigh in tonight was not good - according to the scales he has lost 700g but that cannot be right as he looks and feels bigger.  He doesn't exactly run around a lot that I have seen but he looks quite bright - we'll weigh again tomorrow (I tried weighing only every third day but could not stand the suspense!).


  1. why is everyone in the photos dancing and where has Carl left his head?

  2. It seems that Greeves is certainly giving you lots to worry about Rosemary!