Thursday, 12 August 2010

Please don't rain!

First I must say a big thank you for the 'teat emails' - looks like that one may be sorted.  Many, many thanks!

It has been an anxious day watching the clouds.  The hay was due to be wuffled this afternoon as long as it stayed dried and Sam got himself all ready - and then after one row the PTO shaft broke.  Sam was quaking in his boots as he phoned his Dad to tell him!  Carl fixed it when he got back and then raced round wuffling like a demon.  Now it is an anxious wait for tomorrow.  Sam has to get it rowed up ready for baling as soon as Carl gets back and then, with any luck, we'll be baling like mad.  Sam was going to Milborne Port tomorrow but has had to put that off sadly.

We tried again with mating Emily but she is not really interested yet so we'll give it another go in a few weeks and then, if not, wait until next year.

That only leaves Lina and the suri matings to sort out.  Lina may be Sunday as I don't want to leave her too late.

Now I have to stop blogging because Sam insists on finishing the blog for me!!!!!!!  This involves a lot of technical uploading of a video which, I will warn you in advance, is very unclear (don't try downloading it Irene - it will take you ages!).  I think Sam is just trying to hint he needs a new phone!

hi everyone its me :)
I was just locking the chickens when I stopped because they were not all in so I went up to the top of 2nd field. When I was sat on the mule roof  I quickly grabbed my phone and took this video.
Sorry the video is not very good because my phone is so old and I NEED A NEW ONE or one with a better camera ;)


  1. Well done Sam - just think of the quality you could get with a new phone!!!!

    Don't mind if you send the rain here - we are desperate for some and have just had five minutes showers which don't do any good.

  2. wow Sam what a great video, why would you need a new phone with picture quality like that where were the elephants grazing?

  3. Grey haired neighbour12 August 2010 at 23:17

    Thanks, Sam. Lovely bit of action.
    ( I expect it was getting dark, if you were putting the hens to bed.)

  4. Elephants!! The big ones are alpacas and the little ones are sheep! The brown one is a chicken!!

    Don't encourage him Pat and Sid!!