Saturday, 31 July 2010

A slightly perked up Greeves

Little Greeves was really flat this morning. I had put his coat on as it was beginning to rain last night so he was dry on his back but he wouldn't stand or raise his head to feed. I struggled to get a bit of milk into him and then decided to give him a teaspoon of glucose mixed in a bottle. Gradually, over the day, he has perked up a bit and this evening I am celebrating a weight gain of 200g. Here he is, looking a little more perky.

We are also celebrating Dude's performances so far! He is a bit fed up tonight and a little bit feisty as no one welcomed his advances. The four we have mated so far all spat off for the second time - very convincingly! Islay still is not interested and Emily we are leaving to tomorrow. I am going to give Lina another week as I want to get the baby gaining weight properly first. The Suri's are desperate to get at him but that is not going to happen!

Carl and Sam have dabbled with a little fencing today - they were not going to do anymore yet but we are getting so short of grass in the current paddocks we need to create another secure one. Amber, the dog, has to go on her bailer twine lead when the tractor starts up or she tries to run back to the house!

In fact, it has been all go all day - except for the cats who have been asleep in what was once a flower border - Smudge, Cruella and lack of time have put paid to all that!

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