Thursday, 22 July 2010

All spick and span at Cap'n Rob's!

Sam on holiday is wonderful - for me, not sure about whether he agrees! I confiscated his phone last night so he got a proper night's sleep (didn't work as he sneaked it back in the middle of the night) and left him to look after the animals this morning while I went to sort out boxes for the Great Western Region Fleece Show. On the way back I made a quick detour to Wellground for an alpaca fix. Rob and Les appear to have a whole battalion of weapons at their disposal to generate extra alpaca fascination! Firstly, there's Imprint - she is just so lovely! Velocette is, if I remember rightly, her half sister and she has exactly the same temperament - coming up to say hello, making little mewing noises, gazing at you with her big, limpid eyes - adorable!
Second weapon in the Wellground armoury is mighty clean alpacas. I just had to gaze in awe at their gleaming whiteness. I at first suspected the pressure washer, but no - that was for the barn. Then I saw the trick - "Oh, Les, is that a spot of poo on that cria?" At which Les, or it might have been Rob the action was so slick, burst forth and removed the minute speck from a cria fleece! This amazing cleanliness has to be a combination of top notch paddock maintainance, Poo spotting at 100 paces and, of course, top quality, dense fleece.
Third weapon is Lalique. Wow! You only have to walk in the drive and that one catches your eye.
Well after all that I sped home to discuss fleece characteristics with Velocette who hummed to herself, ot bored and went to sleep.
Barry's Hernia is better but not cured and as his hernia belt is now too small we've been using half a tennis ball and a cohesive bandage but the bandage has lost it's grip and keeps dropping off so after a bit of bottle feeding with Lina's baby it was off to the chemist for another. Lina's baby is still a worry but he had put on 0.1kg this morning - not much but we are grateful for small gains at the moment.


  1. Great to see you again today Rosemary, you are doing great work with those fleece show boxes.


  2. Lina's baby beat Imala's baby, Wynfor, today he only put on .04kg today.

  3. Any a long as he is heading in the right direction....these babies..are a worry, all we do is look forward to their arrival, and worry about them when they get here !! can't win !......Jayne