Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mule Accident

Last night, Carl was run over by the Mule - I had told him before not to turn round and bend over in front of anything that is moving towards him. I have to say that it was not me that ran him over and the person who did was very sorry but it wasn't his fault anyway. Carl is fine but does has some rather nice bruising which might mean he will take more care. I have given him some Health and Safety advise but his response to that is unprintable.

Sam returned from his camping trip this evening after having a very good time. He seems to have eaten a vast quantity of battered Mars Bars which are, apparently, delicious. He also smells despite having sampled the delights of Milborne Port public toilets.

We have had a very busy day cleaning paddocks, Carl has today and tomorrow off, doing toenails which appear to be growing at an excessive rate and giving Dude a second shearing. His fleece was so dense and he was beginning to find it difficult to see out so we thought best do him again now to give it time to grow before winter. He still has some more matings to do so we need him lively and not overheating! Here he is after Carl had finished him and he had sampled the delights of his rolling pit (Dude rolling that is and not Carl) - and Dude was a very good boy!


  1. That is one tidy shear Carl. Dude looks really good folks.

    Rob n Les

  2. You've done a fantastic job of shearing Carl, as that before or after the mule incident?!

  3. Carl...Paul sends his sympathy...You get ran over by a Mule and your wife tells you to be more careful in future...he knows the feeling!