Sunday, 25 July 2010

Busy Day

A very satisfyingly busy day today. We have done injections, trimmed toenails - alpacas and sheep. Bert's group of girls have been moved - along with their shelter which has been given a thorough clean. We did a very satisfactory spit off with Carolyn and a promising mating with Belinda, who Dude obviously was very taken by as he kept giving her little kisses! Carl topped the paddock the girls moved from. There's very little grass left in there but he wanted to get rid of the old stalks and odd nettles. He's also mended the mower so we are all set for the next batch of haymaking. There's very little grass anywhere about. Landrover man's cows have plenty of room to roam but even they are beginning to turn their attention to the nettles.

Lina's baby lost all yesterday's weight gain and so we're back to 6.7kg again. I am still having to squirt the bottle down his throat but he is quite lively.

The rest of the cria are all doing well - Velocette has taken to chicken chasing!

And - it's my birthday and I got presents and funny cards!! Tonight we are going to share some chocolates before resuming the bottle feeding battle! Oh, and Sam said I should post a birthday photo of myself. I told him to take one of me looking glamorous with a few alpacas - what I forgot is that you have to dress up first for photos and it's no good trying for a glamorous photo when you are bent over bottle feeding. Hundreds of pictures of my bottom have had to be deleted out of the vast quantity Sam took! In the end I decided the world was not ready for that!

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  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday Rosemary and enjoyed all the spoiling and being waited on I'm sure you got!!!!