Monday, 5 July 2010

A break in the blog

It was going to be a jolly blog today about Lina and Crispie, the Great Western Fleece Show . . . but I just can't do it. The alpacas and everyone else is fine but I have been deeply upset today by a lady I don't even know, or I hope I don't, and a couple in the village. I don't want to blog misery, so I am going to cease blogging for a while. I'll be back when I am happier again.
Thank you for reading.


  1. Hi Rosemary,
    Don't let small minded people get you down. Looking forward to your return to blogging.

  2. We look forward to your return - jealous people always try to spoil life for others so bulldog spirit will prevail :)

  3. HEY! Rosemary, com'on now, keep it together girl!
    Only met you the once, and through this lovely Blog of yours. To hell with it, don't let people get you down or rule yer life......Get on with it.....Onwards and Upwards....We only pass this way once....So Enjoy.
    Don't know much about Alpacas, BUT, l do love the photo's and write ups.;0)x
    As l said, only met you the once, in the middle of that lovely field, dicky-bow and waistcoat, l know......BUT.....
    If there's anything, l can do for you, at anytime.......I'm not that far away.....AND that is coming from a Sicilian heart.....!
    Hope to hear from you again sooooon.....!
    Take care now.....! :0)x

  4. Really sorry to hear that Rosemary. I hope things are less upsetting very soon and we have you back blogging.

  5. Cheer up Rosemary, don't let people drag you down.

    We all love reading about what is going on down there so don't stay away too long.


  6. I am almost certain that the problem with these foolish people is that they are plainly jealous! Please don't let ignorant people deter you from your goals and what you have achieved so far!

  7. Don't stay away tooo long !....and don't let others grind you down....some people, just thrive on upsetting others ! The alpaca with the black Zienna, one of my last years babies, she has black and brown spots on her, but you can't see them very well on the photos, I was quite surprised how many spots she had when she was sheared ! just have to ignore others, who upset you..and don't give them the satisfaction of knowing that they have upset you !!.....come back soon....Jayne

  8. The staggeringly arrogant high-handedness of an insufferably smug clique is probably not something you were expecting to deal with in agriculture, Rosemary, and I'm sorry that you have been caused yet more distress by folk who have no idea what they're talking about.