Thursday, 1 July 2010

Barry's all balled up!

Sorry there are no photos on the blog again - I've reached my upload limit and can't do photos until the weekend. It sounds like we may be able to tackle Barry's hernia ourselves. His truss is on order but in the meantime, with the help of many suggestions, I am having to improvise. Not possessing any golf balls or flipflops, Barry now has half a tennis ball strapped to his little problem. I have pushed the lump in and am hoping the tennis ball will keep it there. Strapping the tennis ball on was no mean feat. My first thought was gaffer tape but after my experience with the plaster on my burn I could imagine the agony of that pulling on his fleece. So I found the rest of the cohesive bandage I used on Yoda's leg last year (should have thought of that with my burn). He looks a bit odd with a blue bandage round his middle but if it works he will thank me in the end. The rest of the girls were extremely interested in his cumberband - Flamenco got quite excited and Belinda, his mum, had to check it was still her baby.

I had to spend a bit of time this morning sorting our Sam's work experience with his very efficient Work Experience Teacher at school. He is off to the Eden Project the weekend after next and so will miss a day of work experience and then another day due to exams at college. All sorted in the end - he has an exciting couple of weeks.

Carl is into extreme weather predicting at the moment in preparation for hay making - his barometer tapping finger is becoming a little swollen!


  1. Hope Barry is feeling ok in his cumberband ! Also that the weather stays nice for the haymaking !!....look forward to the photos.....Jayne

  2. Glad to read that you have managed to strap Barry up, fingers crossed that will do the trick - keeping it tight will be the problem as I'm sure they will all be trying to help him remove his new belt!