Friday, 2 July 2010

Barry Norton Update

A quiet day today with intermittent rain and an overwhelming tiredness making even knitting a chore. Barry Norton's tennis ball seemed to be effective this morning - I took his cumberband off to check and pushed the hernia back up - it is definitely smaller. Sherbert has been really bothered by the flies today and so tonight I attacked her with the summer fly cream. It could really be done to be applied in the morning but I am going with Sam to visit Mum so Carl will be in charge tomorrow. I think he is looking forward to being on his own and not having me bossing him about - he's already put in his order for tea in bed!

Sam arrived home from school with a golf ball - thank you Grey Haired Neighbour! - but I haven't used it as the truss arrived. It is a very smart black number with lots of velcro straps. He is wearing it tonight but I am not totally convinced that the home made one wasn't better. We will check tomorrow and see how it is doing.


  1. Hi Rosemary,

    Does this link help. Maybe you have already seen it though.


  2. Yes, thank you, Rob - that's the one we bought!