Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Teeth and Hair

Lina's bay had a tiny milky moustache round his face this morning! He has not gained any weight but he hasn't lost any and he is more lively than yesterday so we continue to monitor - goats milk at the ready.

Sam was home today as college has now broken up for the summer so this meant I could get into Blandford to visit my new dentist. I took the enormous step of going to a private dentist just to check my teeth were really as bad as the old dentist said. Well, all is not lost. This lovely man said only two of my teeth have a problem and that was caused by the root canal filling breaking when it was put in. I feel better now knowing it is not my fault. Sadly, the cost of putting it right is BIG. However, I am not quite ready to fall apart so me and my new dentist are tentatively going to embark on a course of treatment, amounting to two pages and spiralling upwards in terms of cost! We'll see how far we get.

I also had my hair cut. It's now very straight, very shiny and curls into a provocative sweep across my chin - or at least it did until approximately 10 minutes after I got back and then, after chasing Barry to check his hernia and sitting with Bert to comfort her it reverted to it's usual wild tangle!


  1. Dentists.....ooooO!
    I went to the dentist last week.....He said my teeth were fine....BUT...My gums had to come out!
    And, Karen come up from Charlton Marshall, to give me a hair cut....She's been cutting my hair for 38 yrs now....She'll get it right one of these days......Oh! Well, 'hair' to-day, gone tomorrow.......!
    Better stop there, otherwise l'll be going into one of my old routines.;)
    Once a star, always a star....Lovely!

  2. Did you not even manage to get a photo of the new hair do Rosemary...I believe the windswept look is back in any way. I've not had the straightners out for months!

    Hope Bert is coping. It is the sadest thing isn't it the way they grieve.