Saturday, 17 July 2010

A sad lack of reading material

No photos today, I'm afraid but I am going to try for a night shot tonight!
It was another long night and I was beginning to despair a bit with Bert's baby who really took some tempting with the bottle. The midnight feed was a bit of a farce and all because of the cria coats. Big mistake having two coats both the same colour! I was struggling to get the bottle in what I thought was Bert's babies mouth when there was a terrible anguished scream behind me. I turned round to see Lina looking frantic - I'd got the wrong baby! Very little went in the right baby after that so I settled down with the book to wait for the next feed. Sadly, the book I had taken down got a bit scarey and something started rustling outside so I abandoned that and now know in fine detail the constituents of Lamblac, how to collect a swarm of bees, how to tell if you've got strawberry foot rot and the properties of alcoholic hand cleaner - I even considered tasting it at one point (I believe they have had to remove it from prisons for just that reason). I was thinking we would have to try a stomach tube with Bert's baby and then suddenly it drank a whole 200ml and came up for the bottle as soon as I went in. Things have continued to go pretty well for him today. Lina's baby has lively times and her udder seems fuller but I am still unsure whether he is getting enough. We'll see when we weigh him tonight.

I'm pretty tired now as Carl and Sam were away shearing today - the best behaved alpacas he has ever had the pleasure to shear! Carl got himself a Sat Nav which is something he has never had before and Sam says he is a nightmare with it - he keeps arguing with it! Sam says it tells him to turn right and he tells it he knows a better way and turns left! I know how that Satt Nav feels! I haven't met it yet but tomorrow we are, hopefully, going to a Great Western Region Alpaca Show Meeting and I am to be introduced! All depends though on how the babies are and if Sam gets on with feeding okay - he's usually quite good but I don't want to give him the responsibility if things look a little dodgy. Must have some tea now and get weighing and feeding again!

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  1. Glad the bottle feeding is going much better. I remember the struggle I had with Gaussian a couple of years ago he was a nightmare until he was finally big enough to stop feeding at about 8 months old!