Friday, 23 July 2010

Clumsy Cats and Tunnelling Chickens

Lina's baby is still the same weigh - 6.7kg - despite my best efforts. I was going to wait until he was 7kg for a photo but have decided that could be a long wait, so here he is.

Carl and Sam have been away labouring for the day so I have had a peaceful time communing with the alpacas - along with managing waste and attempting the bottle (bottle for the baby that is - not quite at the stage of hitting the bottle myself yet). Things were interrupted a bit at lunch time when Smudge, the cat, spectacularly fell in the water trough - again - he is not very agile due to his club foot, withered leg and missing claws!
I sat with Velocette and continued my conversation on focusing her efforts on gaining crimp in her legs at which she untucked one leg - stretched it out front of her and stared at it. That's only really funny if you were there but it made me laugh! Barnaby Rudge spends most of his time with Velocette although he is making little attempts at playing with Lina's baby. Lina's baby isn't really up to it though.

And here is Velocette - fast becoming a real favourite!

This afternoon I did one of my favourite jobs - I went on a ragwort hunt. This involves driving very slowly round the fields in the Mule and veering of at a pace if I spot a speck of yellow. I don't have to do much getting out the mule as I don't tend to find much but today I did spot and pull two bits. The job was safely accomplished despite being in imminent danger of disappearing with my Mule down some steadily growing holes. These holes are caused by the chickens and started out as little dust baths they scratched out for themselves. Sadly, they have continued scratching and now appear to be tunnelling. As you can see some holes they can sink themselves into completely!

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  1. Snap! Reading your blog is like home from home. Imala's baby is still the same weight tonight and my chickens start a dust bath which ends up as an alpaca dust bath!!