Tuesday, 13 July 2010

No more Crinkles yet!

Thank you for all the mite advise - very gratefully received.
I tried to get photos of the babies, or Crinkles as someone called them today!, but it was too wet - not heavy rain although there must have been quite a bit in the night as Billy the Bowser was full again. I managed a good barn and field tidy up despite the drizzle. Barry had a couple of hernia checks but I think I am going to have to go back to the tennis ball as the truss is not really big enough anymore and the front strap seems to pull it slightly out of position after a while.
I also, I think, succeeded in sending a text to Mum to check she is okay on her exotic adventure - what she will make of it I don't know as I am not very good at texting and the phone insists on texting 'bacon, bacon' in amongst most messages - all to do with predictive text I'm told.
Sam was very tired this morning after his weekend away and I had to push him out of bed for his work experience. He got there on time after moaning the cornflakes were soggy and enjoyed himself when he was there. He was milking today. He has also taken to wearing his Grandad's flat cap which he says still smells of him. It suits him but he takes it off when he gets to work and puts it on when he gets home!
Carl got home and went straight off to help the Shepherd getting some hay in and then moving some very large cows with Goose Farm Man.
No more Crinkles yet but Bert is really tired and doesn't want to get up much. The way Lina rushed down for her Camelibra this evening with stomach swaying, I don't think she will be producing yet!

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