Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tumbling Towers

Lina's group spent last night in the barn as it began to start raining and although the cria had his coat on, Velocette was determined to remove it! I've spent most of the day trying to get it to partake of a bottle but it is very stubborn and has a tendency to spit it back out. Lina, however, is much more cooperative and has not interfered at all so that is some progress. I sent Sam down to the Library van to get me some books as I didn't think I could leave the alpacas at this stage. He moaned a lot about this before he went as books are of little interest to him and he didn't really see how, with his dyslexia, he was ever going to find a 'nice murder' and he refused to ask the Library Van man for a book without sex in it! He came back much happier and with a good selection due to the help of the Cup Cake Fairy - thank you!! He also met The Keeper of the Graveyard mending the Church yard wall - apparently, Sam says, the church tower is now leaning. I hope he is exaggerating, wouldn't want it to tumble into the garden below! Here it is in the snow earlier this year.

I did take a picture of Lina's baby but I thought I would wait on that one for a few days! Now I have to check on Amber, the dog, I was on the phone just now and she had a rather nasty fit.

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  1. Cup cake fairy21 July 2010 at 22:05

    A pleasure, Rosemary. Always lovely to see Sam.
    Looking forward to the new Barnet Fair.