Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bert and Me

My tooth has settled quite nicely but I have had a nasty headache today. The dentist phoned this morning to check I was okay which I thought was exceedingly nice of him. Lina's baby has put on no more weight today but he hasn't lost any and he is more lively. He actually had a go at the Camelibra tonight - a little young for that! The flies have been really attacking his eyes so he looks a little bedraggled.

I think Bert is ready for mating already! She is always a bit cuddly but is now getting ridiculous! Sadly, this photo also shows my 'new' haircut which, as can be seen, is now virtually the same as it always was. It did look different when I came out of the hairdressers! Bert's eyes are bald - they always have been. She had a bad case of mites before we had her and, despite lots of improvement, we have never succeeded in getting the hair to come back on her eyelids.

Luckily the picture doesn't show my legs as it has been so humid, I had my shorts on and Carl has taken to calling me Stanley Matthews as they appear to be very wide and long in the legs - ballooning about in the manner of Eric Morecambe! And it is the body warmer that makes me look such a strange shape (I hope!).

Like Lina's baby, the flies have been getting on Bert's eyes and what she likes most is having her eyes covered up and rubbed! She stands there for ages like this making little soft sighs!

Sam is now camping - minus a tent, sleeping bag, torch or even food! I tried to get him to pack proper things like apples, spare underwear, toothbrush . . .

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