Wednesday, 28 July 2010


The title has nothing to do with anything - I just can't get that song out of my head this evening! My headache gave me a rather disturbed night and I blame it all on that and my dream of a Tipsy Bookmaker!
We have just weighed Lina's baby and I can't believe it - he is 7.9kg - a gain of 0.8 in a day! I have been going like mad with the bottles - he still will not suck much but is beginning to have tentative goes. I wait until he has drunk from Lina first and he always goes straight back to her afterwards. She has now got used to me giving him a bottle next to her so it has been working fine - just hope the weight keeps going on. I think we are almost ready to name him now!
I fear Smudge, the cat, had a bit of a near miss on the road this morning. I heard a squal of brakes and a few seconds after Smudge came hurtling through the cat flap. He's been asleep upstairs since then so maybe it scared him a bit and, hopefully, he will be a bit more careful!


  1. Oh! Rosemary, perhaps you've been out in the sun to long. Either that or take more water with it....!
    Hope Smudge will be o.k. He'll probably be out later looking for a mouse or two....Bless. :0)x

  2. Hope you are wearing the outfits that go with the song Rosemary!

  3. Geena's baby always goes back to mum's udder after I've given him a bottle, as if he's trying to get rid of the nasty milk taste!