Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Just a picture

The Mule has let me down! It ran out of fuel this morning down by the barn and so I have been trudging up and down hills all day. The car also ran out of fuel so Carl moaned all the way to the garage about having told me to keep an eye on gauges. Never mind, we're all fuelled up again now. I tried again for baby photos but it has been really dull and intermittently raining so just one Carl took this evening. This is Velocette who is an extraordinarily friendly alpaca - Barnaby Rudge is with her and the inseparable two - Lily and Emily looking on.
Now Carl is in the barn stroking his hay in a loving sort of way and Sam is sitting in a hedge - I am going to sit down, put my feet up and look at a hair magazine as having seen the picture I am getting my hair done!


  1. Sitting down without the knitting needles is not allowed!!

  2. Velocette looks lovely Rosemary. Really lovely.