Monday, 31 May 2010

Alien Life Form

Two photos tonight - not of cria as there are no more - yet!
This first photo is something I found in Crispie's field this evening. It is rather gruesome and behaves like that green slime children play with. Sam got some for Christmas one year and you roll it about, it doesn't stick to your fingers but you feel like it should. I have not been rolling it around in my fingers although I have to admit I could not resist prodding it! I assume it is a cervical plug but I am not sure. Sam says it is an alien baby but then he has been watching too many videos and The Black Sheep was NOT an educational video linked to his college course I discovered!
It has been a busy few days and I have been a little down hearted after we sheared Islay. I decided she really was not pregnant - due on Friday and no signs I could see. We knew it was a long shot but she did scan, tentatively, pregnant so we were keeping fingers crossed. It really didn't look possible though until, that is, tonight. I am sure I saw movement and there was a definite bulge. She was lying very awkwardly so it could be just that. I am not getting my hopes up too much but she is still a possible!
Possible good news from Mum tonight on her situation but no more about that for the moment. She is unable to handle the technology involved in commenting on the blog anymore but I am sure she will get there one day!
The lambs have taken a distinct fancy to the mule and I now struggle to keep them out of it on the rare occasions it goes in their paddock!

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  1. My 2008 pet lamb Mia used to drive with me on the quad and given half a chance now will still jump on it!!
    Fingers crossed for Islay, I have one girl Imala who never looks pregnant, even when sheared, Islay may just be one of those that can hide it well.