Sunday, 9 May 2010

Turnworth Part2

Turnworth again today. I made a sign explaining that the lambs were orphan lambs not baby alpacas. Sadly, the lambs ate the sign. The lady I met yesterday returned to show me some beautiful lace she is making. She has now taken some of the alpaca wool to see if it is possible to unply and make lace from it. This is very experimental as it may be too 'woolly' but she is giving it a go. We had several enquiries about shearing but didn't take any of our own products as they are not quite ready for the selling stage.

We saw lots of people and several visitors said how glad they were that we had come back again this year, which was very nice. For some people it was the first time they had seen a sheared alpaca. The Grave Digger was there but now wants to be known as the Keeper of the Graveyard - must remember that! Tractor rides went well but Landrover Man looked like he'd been frozen by the time he returned.
The boys were very well behaved but as soon as the truck appeared they were straight at the gate ready to go home - they had to wait though as we had to take the lambs back first. Now we have the livestock trailer to clean and disinfect, everything to pack away and then baths ready for a mammoth waste management task tomorrow.


  1. I do like to read and follow this Blog.
    Don't know a lot about Alpacas, but l'm learning,
    and what l've read on line.
    AND.....The photos above, they are abolutely lovely.....Yes.....Ah!
    Well done...yet again. :o)

  2. Thanks, Willie!
    Thought we might see you at Turnworth! We were looking out for a splash of colour in the crowd!