Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Foo Man Choo

Very exciting this morning! Carolyn looked very restless when I let the chickens out. She was on her side moaning, back end gaping, grunting like yesterday. . . then she wandered off on her own . . . then she rolled around . . . then she stood straining over the poo pile for ages . . then . . . she calmly started grazing again!

Little Star spent an hour this afternoon looking like Foo Man Choo - she had got some fleece stuck in her teeth!

And this evening we have been removing posts that it took ages to put in because the paddock is not the right size for the Master Plan! Dobby and the rest of the wethers loved the posts coming out of the ground and kept pronking about while I operated the front loader and Carl did something technical with a piece of rope.

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