Saturday, 29 May 2010

Emily the Milk Maid

A wet, drizzly day today with a cold breeze. We do need the rain and Billy the Bowser is, thankfully, full again but we could have done with a little sun on Velocette. Sunbeam is doing very well and is very active. She weighs 12.6kg already and continues to rule the rolling pit. Velocette still weighs 8.2kg and is wobbly but she is moving around more, although she still does not kush for long. Emily had given up stealing milk from Flamenco but then, this afternoon, I caught her at it again. I think she sneaks in if my back is turned. We are now considering moving Emily and her best friend Lily out of the paddock for a while but the problem is where to put them. I don't want to put them in with the other group of girls as Carolyn, Sunbeam's Mum, is in there and she might try stealing milk from her. We also don't want to mix the herds as we have planned our bio security around keeping the alpacas in smaller, separate groups - mixing them at this stage would not be good. We could put them in the quarantine paddock if we had to but it is a bit out of the way so not ideal. We will mull over it this evening!
Cool Dude has been doing a lot of posturing at the fence and is particularly fond of Emily. We will be introducing him to Carolyn soon - maybe Emily as well before long!

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