Saturday, 8 May 2010

Turnworth Part1

A good day at Turnworth today despite the cold and the drizzling rain. There were fewer people than last year not surprisingly, but a good crowd with lots of interesting stalls. There was some fantastic stained glass which has given another thought . . . ! I also met a great lady who is going to try something experimental with some of the alpaca wool - we are not sure if it will work but more news tomorrow if it does!

The boys were very well behaved and their hairstyles fascinated people - Dobby, the black wether, is always a big hit. They were not at all phased by the peacocks - last year they pricked their ears up every time they shrieked.

We took the lambs with us but I forgot to make a sign for their pen to say they were orphan lambs which led to some people explaining to their children that these were baby alpacas and didn't they look like sheep when they were born and didn't they change dramatically as they grew up! My fault and so I have now made a sign!

Last year we left the boys in the walled garden overnight but today we brought them home as it is so cold and damp and, although they have their gazebo, I think they need a bit more shelter. On the fence at the back of their pen we put up the Westhill banner which has a picture of Caedmon and Dobby on it. Caedmon kept going over to look at himself, he wasn't interested in the picture of Dobby. I wonder if he realises it is him, he always poses for the camera but I suppose he can't know it is him as he has never seen himself.

We saw Valtra Man with all the mini Valtra's and he had found the Spring Tine thing in Healey's farmyard!


  1. That made me chuckle !..your orphan lambs...growing up to be Alpacas !!...Bless !!...thats fantastic...tell me your secret !!.......Jayne

  2. Lovely to hear from you Jayne! I've tried many times to comment on your blog but could never get through - now I am a Google Blogger I will try again and hope to get through! So a very belated Happy Birthday (I think that was the last one I tried!).