Thursday, 27 May 2010

What a day!!

This morning I got up with a long list of things to achieve - by evening, nothing achieved! Except - another cria! And it was not Belinda's! I had a feeling this was going to happen. I was managing waste up in the boys field when I looked over and saw all the girls surrounding Flamenco. I zoomed over on the trusty Mule but couldn't see any signs of anything at the rear end then Flamenco and Crispie had a real neck wrestling fight, Emily wouldn't stop sniffing Flamenco and then she started to roll and it all began. Not a quick birth and lots of rolling and straining. At one point Flamenco started her alarm call which had Dude rearing at the fence. Finally the baby began to appear in the bag and Emily, the little minx started trying to suckle from poor Flamenco - I had to literally drag Emily away! Finally, the cria was born - nearly 2 weeks early and with premature signs. It didn't kush for ages and took several hours before it could stand long enough to sniff around Flamenco. I started to worry and held it up as it's legs wouldn't support it for long. Flamenco was fine with this but it was mighty hard with trying to fend off Emily at the same time and then deal with Crispie who would not leave the baby alone - and as for Lina! Right little madam, chasing everyone away - even trying to move Flamenco out of the way at one point! I have spent all day chasing Emily away and helping the baby feed. The cria is a little girl and is gorgeous, from Wellground Buckingham and has a beautiful face with a real little beard coming on! She is not drinking well and I need to support her a bit or she falls over but, hopefully, we will get there.

Her name is Velocette. This unexpected arrival meant Sam was on duty this evening for an hour as we had an appointment. I can't tell you where we went as I forgot to ask if it was alright to mention them on the blog but what a place! I am just glad Sam wasn't with us - he would have been so impressed with all the vehicles. We saw some fabulous alpacas - particularly nice boy and I was very taken with a fawn girl. Carl was raving about what he would do with an old silage clamp all the way home until I came up with The Idea. I cannot reveal The Idea yet but we are so excited by it Carl is trying to slink into his shed to start constructing but he can't as we have to weigh the cria - can't do it before the sun goes down as the bathroom scales do not show up in sunlight - all I will say is it involves rhee bar, angle iron and it is brilliant!
Tough day but brilliant!


  1. Little Velocette looks lovely, good luck. Hughie was prem like that but after a few days he was strong enough to feed and thrived.

  2. Congratulations Rosemary & Carl. A Buckingham gal!! Wow she looks beautiful.

  3. What a pretty little cria Rosemary

  4. Rosemary...I'm in love....!
    What can one say..........!
    Gorgeous, Beautiful, Lovely, what a picture, would look nice on any card.
    Who says animals don't have expressions.
    Well done, yet again. :0)x

  5. Your are turning into quite a photographer Rosemary - lovely cria.

  6. Waiting for news.

    How is Velocette doing ?

    Rob n Les