Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mules for the Millionaires of Mustique

Nice day but very windy up on the hill. Belinda is 359 days tomorrow and still no cria - and no real sign that she is planning on doing anything about it soon! Sunbeam is bouncing around looking very strong and I am pleased to say that Velocette is improving - she actually put on 400g today which is brilliant.

Mum and my brother popped over this afternoon and my brother was very impressed with the Mule - it is, I have been told, the preferred mode of transport for the millionaires of Mustique (
so I am in good company and shall imagine I am Mick Jagger's dog next time I am driving it!

Carl has finally finished the next stage of badger defences which is a line of barbed wire at ground level around the paddocks. It is all coming together but has really made the chickens mad. They now cannot get into the paddocks unless they fly over the fence which they can't quite manage, despite many suicidal attempts.

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