Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Just a couple of pictures

Not very much to report today as there is only so much you can say about managing waste and destroying thistles - so here is a picture of some of the girls this morning. Sadly, we can't use the end paddock at the moment as the fencing is not secure enough yet but Carl is getting there! The weather has been glorious and I have finally shed my jumper - the world is not quite ready for my shorts yet but they may have an airing soon.

Carl is still fencing and is making good progress but the list of tasks is still rather long. I have told him we are going to be eating lots of high energy foods to make us work harder - tonight's chilli has sent Sam to bed with a tummy ache!

Finally, a picture of the hedge - for no other reason than that it looked beautiful today!


  1. I've still got weeks to go to our next birth so I'm having to do cria watch by proxy. Will you tell your girls to get a move on, they must be cooked by now. I'm sure you have two female cria in there just raring to get out into the sunshine.

  2. I really love this Blog. It's more the pictures than anything for me...lovely.
    They come out so well.And a joy to look through.
    As for the fence....you keep at it.....AND don't 'Hedge' your bets...! oops sorry!
    Take Care.....And Look After Those Lovely Ladies.