Monday, 24 May 2010

Lina the Screamer

A very busy few days! We sheared most of the girls and Cool Dude yesterday morning. The worst one was Lina. We had a feeling she would be difficult so left her until last - she screamed all the way through, with occasional breaks to spit! Funnily enough, today she is extra friendly and keeps trotting up when I go anywhere near. Emily was wonderful but Lily, her best friend, was distraught while Emily was being done - I thought she was going to jump in with her, Emily didn't even notice when it was Lily's turn - she was too busy going round sniffing everyone else to work out who was who! They were incredibly sweaty, you could feel the heat rising from them and today they have been much more lively. Lily looks gorgeous and, I think, is very glad she can see out properly.
Once we had finished it was feeding, water and a quick shower before dashing to Wiltshire for a meeting of the Great Western Region Fleece Show which got off to a great start with ice creams all round. The Russell sisters entertained us with their antics with Billie Jean and then we got down to business. A great meeting and I am pleased to report that everything is going very well.
Today has been incredibly hot and Sunbeam has been keeping her poor Mum, Carolyn, moving with her mad dashes around. Here she is in a moment of quiet!
This evening we had a BBQ which went very well until Sam spilt sugar over the new potatoes, Carl burnt the sausages and I absentmindedly ate all the strawberries. So now Sam has retreated to his room to watch a DVD called the Black Sheep which he tells me is useful for his college work, Carl has gone to his shed to make more hanging water containers and I am sorting fleece, when I finish this!

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  1. Sunbeam is so beautiful. I can't wait to get one too. Doesn't Samson sire lovely cria?