Thursday, 20 May 2010


And there are STILL no cria! Carolyn is now 150 days and huge. The poor girl is also very tired and hot. She is spending a lot of the day lying down grumbling. In fact most of the girls are very grumpy. Bert thinks the field shelter belongs to her and hates it when the others try to get in. She is not top dog enough to keep them out but she and Sherbert had a mammoth falling out over it this afternoon - lots of neck wrestling, spitting and banging on the walls!

Carl has now finished one lot of fencing, well he is just out putting the top strand of wire on. Next, I think, he is completing Dude's new summer pen. I need to get a bit of grass seed on it before he goes in as it is very dusty under the trees. He is going to be sheared on Sunday so he definitely needs to keep away from it until then. As it is, he will get his chin all wet in his water and then rub it around in every patch of dirt he can find until he looks as if he has a little black beard.
Sorry, no photos as I ran out of batteries. The camera is very good and the batteries last for ages but I should have had some in reserve - must get some from the garage later in case of exciting events tomorrow. I must also make some cakes as it is the village verses Tavistock cricket match on Saturday. I can't go because of imminent cria and the boys are off to deepest Devon but I must send cakes down.


  1. I think you mean Carolyn is 350 days, 150 days might mean a bit of a wait still ;o))


  2. You see what a state I'm in?! The calendar has got so many numbers on it I don't know whether Carolyn is 351 days tomorrow, Belinda is 348, Tesco is delivering at 3.20pm or there is a full moon! Oh, and on Sunday GWR at 6 - have I got an alpaca called GWR, is that 600 days????? I may be losing it!

  3. Grey haired neighbour21 May 2010 at 11:20

    Full moon next Thursday.
    Don't know about the rest!