Friday, 7 May 2010

Preparing for Turnworth in Spring

Rather a race around chasing our own tails today as we have been getting ready for Turnworth in Spring at the weekend. It is not an alpaca show, we don't show our alpacas, but a country event in the village over the hill from us. We will just be taking the wethers who normally reside with the sheep, away from all the girls, up in second field - the wethers have become the publicity side of Westhill and usually quite enjoy the change of scenery! We are the only alpacas there and we are sited in the Walled Garden - as usual, they should be used to it in there by now! Last year was lovely with warm weather, lots of visitors and, of course, the free tractor rides. I am not sure the weather is going to be quite so kind to us this year. We will have to take the lambs as well because I don't think we can leave that little gang in the hands of the farm sitters! I am just hoping no-one decides to give birth tomorrow. The talk at Turnworth is of the Ibberton Six (The Grave Diggers miraculous 6 lambs from 1 ewe) and the trials of muck spreading on a steep hill. It should be a good event with all the preparation that has gone into it. We set up the boys area this evening and prepared a little place for the lambs so now all I have to do is get the movement book ready, pack up the leaflets and notes on the alpacas to go on the display board. If you read this, say hello tomorrow!

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